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Our factory produces new, inclusive and equal businesses

Care to Change the World


The activities - information

The following presentation screens show the activities that are in production or produced within EUSL Core. The services offered must all have the consistent theme that they contribute to a better society every time they are used. 

EUSL Core, our factory, produces new, inclusive and equal businesses with the aim of being a little better than the very best and in a way show that our core issues can be made profitable, instead of, as today, being considered a cost.

The entrepreneurs of the future are aware that in order to succeed, they must show that they care about others than themselves. Our concepts and activities are the basis as clear models in different industries for how you can both sell more while helping someone else. 

It's tomorrow's business, today.


EUSL Assistance

Personal assistance is an important instrument both for the clients who use it as well as for many young people and new arrivals to have as their first job. For European Social Label and EUSL Core, it was therefore a given to invest in personal assistance from the beginning. Our personal assistance is a value-driven business with a focus on all parties involved.



European Social Label is a member-run business, driven by small business owners' desire to create a better society. It therefore comes as no surprise that our members sometimes have a need for extra staff and this is where EUSL Staffing comes into the picture. Our members are involved in creating jobs for others every day.


EUSL Bonjour - Housing agency

Hire EUSL Bonjour Bostadsförmedling when it's time to sell your accommodation. Not only do we have competitive agreements and access to customary sales channels, part of the commission we take on a sales assignment goes directly to our foundation, the EUSL Foundation. In this way, when you sell your home, you also know that someone else will have a slightly better everyday life, food on the table and a roof over your head. 


EUSL Consulting

To outsiders, this is not entirely obvious, but EUSL Core is one conglomerate within another conglomerate. It is not impossible that that conglomerate is also part of another larger conglomerate. Within EUSL Consulting, we have placed all cross-border services within the European Social Label, such as finance, telephony and more. EUSL Consulting also helps members with the same services.


EUSL Experts

Here is European Social Label's own gig business. That is, when you are an expert on something and are going to help someone else but do not have a company to invoice from, then we will help you with this. Being a "gig" is incredibly trendy and for many a step towards becoming self-employed but without having to think about all the tricky pieces that come with it. EUSL Experts handles all administration around your work and we are quite convinced that it is the lowest price on the market as well!


EUSL Travel Service

A service that activates all activities within the European Social Label. It starts with a vocational training, then activates Social Green House to form its own small business and ends with EUSL Social Ventures investing in a vehicle. EUSL Färdtjänst is for conscious travelers who want to get from A to B and at the same time do something good for someone else. It is smart consumption that leads to increased introversion.



As a subsidiary of EUSL Färdtjänst, EUSL Taxi acts as an alternative to the major players. Here you make an active choice by choosing a skier who is partly a member of the European Social Label, which means that instead of the brand behind the trip earning on your trip, you as a customer are involved and improve society. The driver is a former participant in our entrepreneurship program and is now on his way to self-sufficiency. 



The European Social Label will take classic HVB activities back to what they were from the beginning: Homes for care and housing for people in need. The focus is mainly on young girls who are doing badly in their usual environment and together with our projects and associated farms, we create a safe and rehabilitative environment for everyone. HVB has had a negative tone in recent years and we plan to restore this.


EUSL Real Estate

An odd activity within the European Social Label, but it allows us to set up specific activities that ordinary landlords would not otherwise have allowed. This includes, among other things, our equal and integrative business hubs within the Social Impact House and our large project EUOS - Europe, Our Society - which demonstrates a climate-positive, equal and tolerant society that is not tax-financed. Real estate is also a good way to tie up capital that also grows over time. It is said that no one will own anything in a few years, but we like the idea of owning and controlling our assets. The properties also form the basis for future hotel operations and training places


EUSL Relocation Services

Some that are now counted as household-related services and it thus becomes attractive to bring in a company to carry out a move from A to B instead of friends. EUSL Moving Services is a fair moving service that at the same time takes the assignment seriously. The business operates in moving teams, which ensures that our employees know each other and there is everything from light to medium and heavy vehicles available. In addition, the surplus in the business does not go into any owners' pockets but directly to our foundation EUSL Foundation. With EUSL Moving Services, we create a moving service for you and jobs for someone else. Help us help someone else!


EUSL Finance

One of three financial services that we will develop. EUSL Finans will help our members with their financial challenges, large and small, at market-leading prices. We hope to be able to launch a variant of microtransactions that take place instantly regardless of country or bank shortly. 


EUSL Invest

The second of three financial services. EUSL Invest invests in members' companies as well as unlisted and listed companies. As long as they fit our criteria, that is. EUSL Invest is also a way to get in and influence other companies with our values, without forcing them to join.


EUSL Social Ventures

The third financial service. Here, the focus is on investing and, above all, investing in grassroots companies that emerge through our entrepreneurship program Social Green House. We do not expect to receive investments from Social Ventures again, but we look more at the societal effects of the investment. 


Funded by EUSL

Our own European organization for other companies that want to invest in socially beneficial companies. The investment is based on the European Social Label producing capital for primarily intermediaries who, instead of only acting as intermediaries, also have their own portfolio of companies and in this way the societal benefits are scaled up faster.





EUSL Core - The business factory

There will be more coming

EUSL Core wants to create businesses in most industries that do not require specialist knowledge, ie medical education, hot jobs or the like. Therefore, the list is long and we have divided it into two parts to make it easier to read.

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