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EUSL Core's production operations, the list became too long to be managed on one page. Consistent conceptual thinking continues here to achieve better inclusion in society. Here on page 3 are more examples of how this should be done


EUSL Shipping - From country to country

The world is shrinking, but it is still difficult to avoid the physical distances. Lack of containers on the other side of the earth creates problems for months for stores. EUSL Shipping performs international shipping within the EU area and is part of the EUSL Journey. Here, of course, everything is shipped green, but the service also activates other parts of the EUSL, such as the entrepreneurship program where new hauliers are formed. EUSL Shipping is an equal, inclusive and green alternative. 


EUSL Transport - From A to B

When a product arrives in a country or is to be shipped nationally, let EUSL Transport take care of it. EUSL Transport is part of the EUSL Journey which ensures that goods arrive on time while it is performed with all horizontal values left. EUSL Transport helps more people to enter working life while activating several parts of EUSL, including labor market training in EUFL where new drivers are trained.


EUSL Cargo - From one side to the other in a specific area

Many tours take place within a specific area, within a certain time and must also be performed on time. It can be to the grocery store or in a port or industrial area. Recurring runs that are between A and B and from B to A, then EUSL Cargo is the given supplier. The service is performed completely green and contributes to more people coming to work and is part of the EUSL Journey.


EUSL Express - Equal bids when it's burning in the knots

Everything that usually burns somewhere and a product or product should be in a different place than what it is currently in, preferably yesterday. Then there is EUSL Express there ready to put a car or truck on the roads and deliver what it is now that is to be transported. You can see EUSL Express as a taxi service for products if you want. EUSL Express is part of the EUSL Journey


EUSL Storage

Products, goods and other things must be stored somewhere. EUSL Storage solves this by renting out storage and storage both to private individuals as well as to companies of all sizes. EUSL Storage is closely linked to other shipping services but is still separated for everyone's safety. 


EUSL Forwarding

There are few who like logistics, but at EUSL Spedition there is nothing better. EUSL Spedition is responsible for shipping, delivery, haulage and express services and ensures that EUSL trains and delivers the right type of expertise throughout Sweden and within the EU. EUSL Spedition works for an inclusive forwarding.



Sweden lacks 135,000 assistant nurses until 2026 according to Statistics Sweden. EUSL Care will counteract this. As far as possible anyway. EUSL Care trains and delivers assistant nurses, ensures that they get housing and work and offers there with an 'all inclusive' package for both employees as well as employers. The activity is also about a political impact where it is uncertain whether there is a budget for 135,000 assistant nurses as it is not enough to deliver staff, someone will also pay for them and it is doubtful whether the government has it in its calculations.


EUSL Motors

We have no goal of developing any battery technology or competing to send any CEO into space. On the other hand, we have a desire to be involved in developing tomorrow's travel, both from A to B and pleasure travel throughout the alphabet. It is not through reducing things that we have to change, but it is through innovation and new solutions that we solve yesterday's problems.


EUSL Bikes

Together with members within the EU, we develop exciting alternatives for bicycles and offer them to both companies and individuals. Cycling is a great way to get out and move, and also useful for the environment!



What is more freedom than owning a motorcycle? Here you can get help with everything from getting a motorcycle license to buying or importing your first or next bike. Of course, we make sure to maintain them as well and this is done through our inclusive models.



EUSL will not build cars, but we will help maintain and provide those who are already out there. EUSL Cars focuses on work-inclusive activities where people can learn a profession and be certified for their knowledge.


EUSL Racing

As part of the EUSL Games, it of course also invests in racing of various kinds. Regardless of whether it is a bicycle, go-cart, car track or on TV, you can compete in it and then it is part of the EUSL Games and a young audience in focus that EUSL Racing is looking for.



Social Constitutional Chamber

The fifth division is called the EUSL SCC, Social Constitutional Chamber, and is squeezed somewhere between the private, idea-driven and state sectors. The focus here is on activities that are not necessarily for-profit, even if there is no ban on it, such as school and education. Other services available here focus a lot on well-being and activities. 

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