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EUSL Core's produced activities for increased inclusion, the list became too long to be manageable on one page. Consistent conceptual thinking continues here to achieve better inclusion in society. Here on page 2 are more examples of how this should be done.


EUSL Entertainment

If you want to show off something new, make sure to entertain the audience. We do not know if anyone has said so before, but at least for ourselves it is easier to bring in something new if it is interesting or fun at the same time. EUSL Entertainment creates city events, events and things that engage private individuals in the community and is a great opportunity for our members to be seen in new contexts. 


EUSL Productions

Here we create new media, films and the like that our members may need. It can also be music, entertainment and assist the sister organization EUSL Entertainment with services around their events. EUSL Productions also highlights our members and participants in Social Green House, our entrepreneurship program, in a way they have never dared to dream of before.


EUSL Studios

Everything related to moving and solid media is created here, which also includes games. Learning through gambling, so-called gamification, is a fantastic and above all fun way to learn something new or just get out and exercise. We all remember that Pokémon Go got a whole world to exercise in the summer of 2016. 


EUSL Digital Design

If you are not online, you are not there at all. Have we heard. It does not necessarily have to be that way, but there is a lot in it. Many times it starts with a Google search. Digital Design is much more than just websites. Here, there is also a lot of focus on UI and UX, the user experience.


EUSL Hospitality

The service industry was where it all began. A small ecosystem in itself that lives around the clock, while others work or sleep. EUSL Hospitality is an overall business that shows how we take the service industry to the next level and market shares from competitors while we create new jobs every day for someone else. 


EUSL Hotels

With the move into our properties, we of course take it upon ourselves to show hospitality and invite everyone who wants to come and look at tomorrow's equal and inclusive society. Every small community that we build has at least one hotel business that is both a full-service hotel as well as a place for work training and a symbol of how tourism draws turnover into a community.


EUSL Restaurant HD

Just as with EUSL Hotels, we set up with our own, fully unique, restaurant concept that both creates a fantastically good food and experience but also acts as an apprenticeship arena for people who want to train in practice for the restaurant industry. Restaurant HD stands for Helpful Dishes, helpful dishes, and for every dish someone orders, new jobs are created.  


EUSL Hospitality Group

The service industry is close to our hearts, this is where it started, you could say. European Hospitality Group is the concept business that develops ideas and the concepts that are then carried out in the other six departments. The concept can also be used as a franchise for entrepreneurs who are interested. It is consistent that everything that is done should create new jobs


EUSL Brewery

It should be seen as an activity linked to EUSL Hospitality, but the goal is not to start producing, probably, the world's best beer. Instead, it is about showcasing the European Social Label in a discreet way. The surplus obviously goes into the EUSL Foundation and into society, and as a consumer of our drinks, you also have the opportunity to submit suggestions on what the surplus should go to!



Sweden is a coffee-loving country and our coffee culture is known all over the world. Therefore, it also seems sensible to have a small café business where you can learn what it means to be part of a workplace while you get the opportunity to become self-sufficient. As a guest at EUSL Cafe, you know that every cup of coffee, sandwich or bun that is bought goes to help someone else.



If you produce your own beer, the step to having your own pub seems both short and logical. Here is food adapted to drink and in a relaxed environment you can learn more about the importance of social integration and how consumption for once can be something positive. Here, jobs or work training are created for each beer or dinner sold, often at hours other than formal office hours. 


EUSL Legal

Sometimes it is a security to know if you have the right on your side or not. But it can also be a very expensive experience. The European Social Label has no intention of exposing this market to competition based on the lowest price, however, the surplus will go into the EUSL Foundation. Something that in many cases is just as good. For someone else. EUSL Juridik is also involved in our project EUOE - Europe, Our Europe - to develop the already existing system. Which is contrary to what our second project EUOS - Europe, Our Society - will carry out, which will instead lead to a completely new model of society. 


EUSL Runners

Delivery of food from restaurants has become a trend in society. In many cases, it is also a very dirty industry with completely impossible conditions. European Social Label is always to create new jobs, but somewhere the ethical must also exist and this is where our business stands out. EUSL Runners helps our members' restaurants to reach out with their food to their customers, quickly and efficiently without wearing out our employees and they also receive a collectively agreed salary. With the help of EUSL Invest and EUSL Social Ventures, we ensure that there are suitable vehicles to transport the food in. 


EUSL Impact EU

EUSL Core is a pioneering activity to the extent that new ground is being broken here, even though the foundation is in many ways the same as others have already done. It is not a world sensation to start a personal assistance company or a moving company or anything else that EUSL Core undertakes. What is a sensation, however, is how it is connected with our set goals and how our impact on society will be the EU, the state, the region, the municipality and your impact. 


EUSL Ignite EU

Ignite EU is where projects and thoughts are created and in the future may reach all the way to EUSL Core. Ignite EU is about creating ideas on all levels, from grassroots to unicorn, from internal work to how a social effort through the EUSL Foundation should go and be carried out in practice. The EU is not about igniting a societal change within which will more quickly lead to a more equal and inclusive society, wholly or partly financed by the business community. 


EUNF - European News Flash

News from the European Social Label

It is not easy to keep track of all aspects of what is a European Social Label, so we thought we would compile it on a common platform. It became EUNF, European News Flash, our own newspaper. In addition to the magazine, European News Flash is also responsible for all our social media channels and reports from the EUSL Foundation so that all information about our activities is in one place.


EUSL Core - Boardrooms

Our boardrooms

The European Social Label is several conglomerates and operates with high transparency. From our boardrooms, you will be able to read excerpts from meetings, news, releases of new services, decisions made and more. The boardroom is an urgent necessity to keep all our operations separate, but still have a common thread, as well as a source of new information. European News Flash obtains the majority of its information from here.


EUSL - F * cked by Design

Blogs and podcasts 

F * ucked by Design is the leadership side of the European Social Label where owners, board members, Head of Divisions and more are given space to give their views on societal issues based on themselves and their employment position. Heavy topics are often dealt with here, but in an easy way and the core question is: "If we are so smart now, why is exclusion in society not solved? Are we programmed to be incapable of solving this problem? ”

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